Review: Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, RomancePublication Date: November 6th, 2018

Publisher: Turner Publishing

ISBN: 1684421942

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

I was not surprised by how much I ended up adoring this book. I had taken one look at the cover and knew it had to be a cute contemporary. After reading the synopsis, I was sure I would love it and I was not proved wrong. I immediately started reading Mammoth the second it arrived in my mailbox and it was so hard to stop. This book is about a girl who has her own blog called fossilita where she posts fashion tips, DIYs, and paleo news. Yep, she’s a huge paleo fan and just landed an amazing internship at Austin State University in Texas. Once there she gets to show off all of her knowledge on mammoths and other mammals from prehistoric times. Throughout the book there is drama between her and the other interns, as well as a couple of love interests. 😉

I was enthralled during the entire book and ever time I forcefully set the book down, it took all my strength not to pick it up again. I read this book very quickly and am now sad that it is over. There was a really good development for the main character Natalie, first off a big part of the book is that she is overweight and that she owns it. She builds herself an armor with fashionable clothes and cute make up. I really enjoyed watching her character grow through the book and as she realized to be true to herself everything just clicked. The love interest does not overpower the book which is another aspect that is really awesome about this book. There is a lot of information about the paleo program she is in and I thought it was really interesting to see that side of the field, it made me think I could be interested in digging up bones with them. There are also a lot of twists and side plots in the book which keeps the reader on their toes, wanting to know what is going to happen next. Mammoth has surpassed all of my expectations for YA contemporary novels and I definitely will not be forgetting this story soon. If you are a fan of cute contemporary books I would highly recommend you try Jill Baguchinsky’s book, I promise you will not be disappointed!

*I received a free advanced readers copy from LibraryThing in exchange for a completely honest review.


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