Reviewer Disclaimer

Every post will be a completely honest review of what I had read. This does not mean that the book is “good” or “bad,” or any reflection on the author themselves. I will state in my review who I received the book from and whether I got it for free or I bought it myself. At this moment I am not taking any requests for people that are willing to pay me, as I am just doing this for fun. I reserve the right to decline any offers I receive to review a book because of simply not having enough time to review every book I read. I also reserve the right to not finish any books that I am not enjoying.

All pictures I feature on my blog are either mine or just the cover of the book. If you object to the publication of any image or content on this blog, please go to the “contact me” tab and send me a message.

Any unauthorized copying, republishing any of the material on my blog is prohibited without express permission from myself. You are welcome to link this blog if you want to share it or honestly help others see my reviews.

I will not be held liable for any actions taken after someone reads my blog as I am simply stating my honest opinion on books I have read. The content on my blog is created for entertainment and informative purposes only and are not to be perceived as professional advice.





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